Glam Hyalorun Pen

Glam Hyalorun Pen

Black Edition

Newest Gen With Replaceable Tips


Advantages :
%100 Safe
Pain Free
Needle Free
Instant Results
Anesthetic Free
Easy To Operate

0.5ml tip to be used with serums

0.3ml tip to be used with fillers

No 1 Best Selling Pen

The Glam Pen is an innovative device used for cosmetic treatments to help with smoothing wrinkles and increasing lip volume to a new level. It allows hyaluronic acid fillers to be applied completely injection-free.

The Glam Pen works in such a way that the hyaluronic acid is not inserted with a needle, but is sprayed into the appropriate area by pressure. This method guarantees the best possible lip volume treatment and wrinkle removal.

Hyaluronic acid is evenly spread throughout the epidermis and attracts water molecules, resulting very quickly in the relief of lines and wrinkles.

The effect is immediately visible. By using innovative technology in the Gpen mechanism, the distribution of the preparation is faster, easier, more efficient and very precise.

%100 satisfaction guaranteed

Needle-Free Technology: This technique uses a needle-free injection of air to transfer the products, such as fillers, anesthetic, Botox, peptides, and vitamins into the skin

Pain-Free: The needle-free application provides a pain-free, blood-free experience.

Safety: The needle-free atomizer does not damage the skin, making the chance of infection small. There is also no risk of damage to veins or arteries.

Fast: This procedure can be performed in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

Anesthetic-Free: This pain-free procedure does not require anesthetic.

Easy to operate: This pen is easy to use. Twist to control the amount of dosage and push the button to inject the product.

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